"Wow…wow. Yeah, it was there. [the emotional life] was all there. This is…Wow… Something I’m gonna need to do for all my characters. I’ve got a lot of different work that I do but I think this one is really important to add”.

Virginia House/New York

Actualizing Characters by Expanding Self-awareness

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David Fahm

"Alan provides a patient and focused studio that moves the actor beyond habits we rely on, to reveal a deeper creative self to explore character and personal truth".

Aline Andrade
Los Angeles

"The energy was completely different after we did the exercises. I was at ease and in character. I felt fluid and more real. One of the best improvement tools I added to my acting".

Shane Marriott

"I strongly recommend taking a workshop or private session if you are looking to take your craft to the next level. I can not wait to work with [Alan] again!”

ACES prioritizes Resilience, Boundaries, Defence Management & Self-reflection. 

"The key for me is always trying to find a way into [the character] and this is quite a good way of doing it. [ACES] breaks it down and gives you those tools to have underneath - all those multi-faceted thoughts [and feelings]. We have all those things bubbling up underneath us all the time. So having all those layers there even if they don't always come to the surface – they’re there and they might. [ACES can access] that richness in the character."

Miranda Colmans/London

"[Working with the ACES approach] it's a funny knife edge balance you know, the actor in me propping the character up to keep him on the knife edge so that he can walk blind and we can explore together so I can understand who he is and where I align with that as well.  It's a nice balance to have. It feels like a working balance."

Oliver Devoti/London

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