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Character Actualisation - Bespoke Private Coaching

The difference between a good performance and a powerful performance is that one requires you to know the moment and the other requires you to be in the moment.

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"Alan provides a patient and focused studio that moves the actor beyond habits we rely on for auditions, to reveal a deeper creative self to test, probe and explore character and personal truth."

David Fahm, London

As Morpheus said to Neo in the Matrix, 'There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.' As a result of only knowing the path actors don’t fully engage in their characters' motivations, circumstances or relationships. They understand their characters intellectually but often struggle to connect viscerally. Character Actualization unblocks the emotional imagination and integrates the actor more holistically into the the characters world with greater depth and connectivity.

Objective of Character Actualization

To anchor the actor in a multidimensional experience of their character’s inner world that reflects the scripted content. To give the actor an in-depth research tool for developing characters.

What's the Process?

In a supportive and trusting environment the actor is guided through ‘character hot seating’ (an improvised Q&A, with the coach, based on the character’s circumstances). It borrows from Stanislavski's Magic 'if' and the Method's 'substitution' and 'emotional recall'. The power and true value of Character Actualisation is that it draws from various psychodynamic and humanistic techniques that help the actor reflect, acknowledge and embrace a deeper ‘lived’ experience of their character’s motivations, relationships and circumstances. It’s a tactile experience that has the actor ‘walking the path’.

"I value Alan's direct and rigorous questioning to provoke the intuition and secret memories that give a portrayal its deeper colour and nuance. He gets me out of my thoughts and into the guts!"

David Fahm, London

Tell me more about ‘Character Hot Seating’?

The actor can draw on a combination of imagination, personal experience or other people's experience to improvise their characters' answers. They don’t need to reveal their sources. They only need to commit to staying in character. Through integrated responses to the coaches questions the actor/character is guided into an immersive, multi-layered and contextual experience relevant to the scripted material.


"The energy was completely different after we had the hot seat session. The second [time I did the] monologue it felt like an extension of the conversation [we had] and I was at ease and in character without questioning 'would she say it like that?'. I felt fluid and more real because the exercise had incorporated truth and make-believe as one thing and, in my head, I could blend the two and feel confident as [the character]. One of the best improvement tools I added to my acting. It was very worth the 2 hour trip! :)

Aline Andrade, Los Angeles

“Alan has a unique way of working and directing the actors in a way I've never experienced before and a way that has yielded such great results!” Terry Nelson, London

“Working with Alan Powell was a great experience. His hot seat technique really helps you explore the life of your character while giving you a stronger background. Alan is very open as he guides you through his workshop, he makes you feel very comfortable as he gets the best performance from you. I strongly recommend taking a workshop or private session if you are looking to take your craft to the next level. I can not wait to work with him again!” Shane Marriott, Toronto

From the London Master Class at the Actors Centre:

"It was an incredibly valuable and enjoyable experience. Looking forward to your next workshop!" Kim Hope, London

"I really enjoyed taking part and watching all the participants. The process added depth to all performances. Personally I found some new emotions and nuances in my monologue that I had not been aware of before."

Roberta Gotti, London

£45 per 60 min. session

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