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From my 15+ year career as a film director in educational drama with trauma-based themes to my training as a psychotherapist, I remain passionate about empowering artists. My unique blend of skills sensitizes me to the needs of actors as they journey on the courageous path of character exploration - especially when it relates to portrayals of emotional distress & human suffering. I am well equipped to guide actors through the potential blocks and boundary challenges that may arise when using themselves as a vessel for dramatic art communication.

Actor Care Specialist (A.C.E.S.)

For over 30 years I've been working in the arts. Since 2005 I have directed hundreds of actors in trauma-based educational dramas under contract with Western University and the Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children in London, Canada. In 2016 I began training as a psychotherapist to further enhance my collaboration skills with actors. During this time I spent three years as a placement therapist under clinical supervision working one-to-one with clients with complex PTSD, anxiety and depression. To date I have obtained certificates from UKCP and BACP accredited institutes in the United Kingdom in humanistic integrative counselling, psychodynamic integrative counselling, psychodrama, and in the USA the Therapeutic Spiral Model - level 2 (recognized by the ABEPSGP).


The intersection of my six years of psychotherapy training and directing trauma-based narratives created the seedbed for ACES (Actualizing Characters by Expanding Self-awareness), a process I developed for actors that safely and ethically expands the actors capacity for embodying distressing emotions in character portrayals while prioritizing their own well being. ACES has proven to be an essential part of the actors' process in emotionally challenging narratives. Although the process is not therapy, in the interest of my own continued learning and for ethical standards, I have chosen to have regular supervision with a qualified clinical supervisor. My academic work is also peer reviewed.

As a speaker, I have been invited to present my ACES model at the 21st IAGP conference in Italy and the MHPC22 in Norway. I am a member of Actors Equity UK, ATHE, PAMA, AACE and ASPAH.



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